Jill Wilson

Wilfred Pickles

14th September 1842 – Police out in force

The police report book says, ‘Visited patrol on Town duty, from 1 am until 2 am in consequence of several harvest feasts being given this night, a great number of drunken people about the streets.’

5th September 1914

Within a month of the start of the war in 1914, Campden lost its first serviceman, Basil Neve.  For more about him, go to the page on Servicemen of The Great War

1st September 1934 – Boxing match held in Church Barn

The Dowager Countess Gainsborough kindly lent the church barn for a boxing contest. This was probably the old tithe barn, pulled down later and its materials used for Tithe Cottage.  The first item on the programme was four two-minute rounds between ‘ young Dix of Blockley’ and ‘young Cadle of Ebrington’; result, a draw. Other items included an exhibition of club-swinging and more boxing bouts. The town band played during the evening.

28th September 1948 – ‘Have a Go’ in Campden

The popular radio show ‘Have A Go’, with Wilfred Pickles, was recorded in Chipping Campden on 28th September although it wasn’t broadcast until the following April.