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Notes & Queries, the forerunner of the CCHS Journal Signpost is full of fascinating articles about the history of Campden, its people and places.  The articles can be found by browsing through the various volumes on this page (see column on right).

When time and energy permit we’ll try and put direct links to the articles.  In the meantime enjoy rummaging through the N&Q archive!


Title of Article Vol. Page
The Life and Times of Robert and Sue Roberts V 54
A Travelling Parish Register V 20
More on Alec Miller V 60
Lion Cottage, Broad Campden VI 6
Ebrington – a brief History II 7
Harrowby House II 19
Post Office Accounts and Notebook VI 28
Memories of Chipping Campden – Dorothy Boyesen IV 6
Richard Hulls of Chipping Campden’s work for John Rushout, the 2nd Lord Northwick, 1769–1859 II 51
From Northwick Park to Thirlestaine – part II II 67
Host Gurton:  From Footman to Farmer V 43
A Journey to Find Rolf Clayton VI 38
Rutland & Chipping Campden: an unexplained connection VI 9
The ‘Campden Head’ VI 50
The History of Mickleton (Campden) Tunnel II 43
The Hanging Post on No-Man’s Land – a Further Note II 58
Fun and Games V 39
Sir Thomas Phillipps 1792-1872:  Bibliophile VI 7
The Buccaneer Doctor VI 36
Law & Order in Weston-sub-Edge in the 14th Century II 31
The Ashbee Bathing Place IV 31
Maye E. Bruce VI 3
Cider and Harvest II 35
Market Towns in the Nineteenth Century IV 19
Thomas Bravell 1616-1655, A Little Known Hero of the Civil War in Dorset VI 72
More on Campden’s Postal Service History VI 35
Jesse Taylor, Campden Photographer V 27
Campden Workhouse V 70
Miles Smith V 19
Ancient Yews and Other Trees in Campden VI 60
Putting their hands to the Plough – Part 1 V 63
Putting their hands to the Plough – Part II VI 13
“Then There Was The School”  – Part I VI 61
“Then There Was The School”  – Part II VI 75
Legal Curiosities in Campden Title Deeds:
No.1 ‘Statutes Merchant or of the Staple’
I 7
       No. 2 ‘Levying a Fine’ I 18
       No. 3 ‘Lease and Release’ I 45
St James Church – Who designed the West Window? II 71
The 1851 Census and the Railwaymen IV 56
The Navvies Moved On, the Trains Awakened Campden IV 64
Percy Hobart, Major-General to Lance-Corporal VI 27
The Griffin Family of Broad Campden VI 77
Extract from Memoir of the life of Guy Desmond Griffiths Part 1 V 65
Extract from Memoir of the life of Guy Desmond Griffiths Part 2 VI 26
The Grivel Family II 39
My Memories – The Old Bluecoat School and Whitsun Week IV 34
A Campden Childhood III 41
A Young Man at War III 56
Back from the War – a Brief Return III 64
A Young Man in Campden between the Wars IV 8
A Campden Man at War in Iraq, 1942-3 IV 21
Extract from ‘They Flash upon the Inward Eye’: Emily Hale V 47
Two 17th Century Vicars of Campden – William Bartholomew and Henry Hicks, Father and Son-in-Law III 29
A Forgotten Worthy:  Dr. Robert Payne Smith, Dean of Canterbury VI 79
Francis Tomes Part 1 II 4
Francis Tomes Part 2 II 15
Francis Tomes Part 3 II 28
Extract from The Forgotten Years V 13
Campden 1914-18:  Geoffrey Lynch Staunton V 31
More on Izod’s Post IV 38
Twenty Years Ago – How it all began for CADHAS (abridged by Jill Wilson) IV 42
The Second Decade (abridged by Jill Wilson) IV 53
Query Corner: Nelly Erichson V 4
A Campden Connection
Alec Miller in the South Lakeland area V 10
A Campden Connection with Rugby V 30
Wenlock Olympian Games V 40
The Slave Trade and the Barham Court Connection V 51
‘The Finest Street Left In England’ VI 16
Harriet Tarver VI 54
From the Guild of Handicraft Trust I 35
Guild of Handicraft Trust II 12
Tribute to Allan Warmington V 35
The Inns and Alehouses of Chipping Campden and Broad Campden – another Inn III 5
Agricultural Unrest in the 1870s III 15
The Other Campden – Then and Now – A Brief
History of the Research Association –     Part 1 III 51
History of the Research Association Part II III 65
History of the Research Association Part III IV 3
The Ashbee Piano – A Painted Masterpiece IV 52
Above Lynches Wood V 12
The Infamous Sir William Keyt III 3
Wolds End House III 39
Life in the 1500s V 2
Leaving Campden in 1877 V 57
A Lost Farm in Westington I 29
Lane v Lane and Griffiths III 23
The unfortunate death of poor Scott How III 45
A Further Note – Vox Clamantis III 48
Whatever became of Robert Taynton? IV 39
Chipping Campden in Two World Wars II 33
Richard Ellis and the National School III 27
Cotswold Way Marker Stone at Campden Square V 42
The Green Howards’ Gift V 23
The 1522 Military Survey of Gloucestershire I 20
Seamas Stewart – In Memoriam II 27
The Chipping Campden Altar Hangings II 53
Peter Gordon’s Research Project III 44
Egypt IV 63
Westington Quarry – Some further findings I 41
On Matters of Brass and Stone I 70
Chipping Campden Bowling Club Centenary VI 64
The Police Station (quoted from) IV 38
Jonathan Hulls and the Hulls Family –  Part 1 I 57
Jonathan Hulls and the Hulls Family –  Part 2 II 60
A Canadian’s Journey to a Narrow Valley with fields VI 23
A Tithe Dispute in Chipping Campden 1644 –1649 V 5
Christopher Whitfield 1902-1967 VI 18
The Noel Family’s Shakespeare Connections – Part 1 VI 29
The Noel Family’s Shakespeare Connections – Part 2 VI 41
Chipping Campden and its District in the Civil War – Part 1 I 51
Chipping Campden and its District in the Civil War – Part 2 I 63
A Gardener’s Diary at Ivy House 1909-26 V 25
Change from Pre-Conquest Times to the Fourteenth Century in the Cotswold Edge Parishes III 55
The Deserted Village of Naunton-sub-Edge III 63
Saintbury and Willersey – Life in the Fourteenth Century IV 5
How Campden got involved in King John’s Troubles in Normandy I 2
Westington Quarries I 9
Unchanging Mickleton – Part 1 I 31
Unchanging Mickleton Part 2 I 43
Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury, holds Campden I 71
Campden in the Hands of a Southampton Merchant II 9
Revd. Richard Flavell – A Commonwealth Minister at Willersey II 55
Bordesley Abbey and the land at Combe II 63
The Land at Combe and the Dissolution III 7
Work on a Local 19th Century Farm Part 1 III 11
Work on a Local 19th Century Farm Part 2 III 19
Work on a Local 19th Century Farm Part 3 III 33
Why the date 689? III 68
Where is Campden? IV 11
A Medieval Dispute IV 15
The Methodists in Campden IV 27 & 47
History of Court Barn V 21
Seventy Years of Craftsmanship: A Brief Look at the Life of Alec Miller V 63
The Withers Family I 14
Campden Sun-dials No 1 I 4
Sir Henry Bard, Adventurer, Traveller, Soldier and Diplomatist Part 1 I 5
Sir Henry Bard Part 2 I 15
Coins found in Campden I 32
Broad Campden Man Drunk & Disorderly I 62
The Spiriting away of William Harrison I 62
Mr Lilley’s Steps II 2
Some Local Mediæval Craftsmen II 22
Notes on Two Elections in Campden – last Century II 24
Lord Clarendon and Colonel Bard II 38
A Note on Richard Hulls II 54
Who was Simon White? II 65
A Tragedy at Ilmington II 72
The Old Christmas Day Sermon in Chipping Campden III 2
A Note on the White Family III 6
A Note on Campden’s Postal services in the 19th Century III 22
The Chipping Campden altar hangings – a further note III 32
Two Very Tenuous Connections III 32
A Note on Dover’s Games in 1644 III 34
Campden in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century – What was its County or National Importance? III 46
Taverns – another measure of a town’s importance? III 50
Samuel Edwin Bartleet and the Bartleet Family III 58
Sir Henry Bard – Political Assassin? III 62
A Note on Local Quarries some C19 and early C20 Records IV 10
Campden House, Kensington IV 14
Book Review:  A Cotswold Miscellany IV 17
The Chimes – a Note on the Carillon IV 23
Izod’s Post IV 36
What Happened to Campden’s Chantries? IV 59
Geoffrey Stewart Powell In Memoriam IV 64
Was the Parish Church damaged in the Civil War? IV 66
 The Campden Wonder – a new piece of information? IV 73
A Puzzle in the High Street – where did John Jenkes live? V 3
Campden & District & the Hereford Earthquake of 1896 V 14
Alf Hathaway – Farewell V 37
Book Review:  My Village, My Home V 46
Before The Guild:  Rennie Mackintosh VI 15
Speculation on Building Old Campden House VI 56
Did Abraham Lincoln Know Of the Campden Wonder? VI 67
Broad Campden Meeting House I 26
The Camden Connection IV 18
Lady Camden’s Charity IV 26

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