Kenneth Bassano Cooksey

Terence Rodbard

Memorial gravestone of Anthony Bassano Cooksey

In the churchyard of the Parish Church of St. Eadburgha’s, Ebrington, an inscription on a gravestone, between the names and dates of his parents, contains a dedication to an only son, Kenneth Bassano Cooksey, 1896-1917.

The headstone abuts the path on the north side of the church with the inscription on the reverse side of the stone. The unusual name of Bassano with its poignant remembrance caught the eye of the author and this article presents the known details of his short life.  Unfortunately, at the present time there exists no personal information and no photograph seems to be available.


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  • Kenneth’s sister Audrey married Albert B Lane and they lived at Blackdowns, near Stretton-on-Fosse. She wrote two books about life on the farm under the name Anne Blakemore, “Rich in my Heritage” and “Out of Old Fields”

    By Sam Weller (26/02/2024)

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