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Mary Fielding

The School Accounts for 1663

To help you while away the time during the enforced “house arrest”, have a go at our quiz based on the School Accounts from 1629-1659.

There are 10 questions on each decade – see how you get on and we’ll post the answers in a week or two!  Feel free to add comments and queries by clicking on “Add a comment about this page”.

The School Accounts Quiz

If you prefer you can download and print a copy of the questions at the bottom of the page.

The Answers can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

1629-1639 Accounts

1.    How many times was the glazier paid for repairing the school windows?
What was the glazier’s name?

2.    What expensive air purifier was used in the school at one time?

3.    What was given to the schoolboys at Christmas?

4.    What books were bought for the school in 1635?

5.    Who was paid 8d in 1635, and for what?

6.    Where were 3 boys sent in 1638 and how much were they given?

7.    On 3 occasions women were given money to go to London for help.
For what reason?

8.    What garden feature was created and maintained in the school grounds?

9.    Why did Mr Lilly go to London in 1631?

10.  What was generally given out on Good Friday?

1640-1649 Accounts

1.              What cost 10s in 1643 and who was it paid to?

2.              Why was Widow Clements in great distress in 1643?

3.              What happened between 1642 and 1643?

4.              What happened to Goodman Hurlston’s wife in 1643/44?

5.              Why was Mr Brent’s rent reduced between 1643/44 and 1646?

6.              Where was Goodie James sent in 1645/46 and what was her condition
at the time?

7.              What task were poor children often taught to do at school?

8.              What was wrong with Goodwife Padwicke?

9.              What did William Walton make (ie what was his trade)?

10.          Who was elected to what by the unanimous consent of the Feoffees
in 1648?


1.              Who was the Treasurer in 1650?

2.              What was levied on the tenants, Mr Brent and Mrs Weoley throughout
the 1650s?

3.              What did William Freeman receive 3s for in 1652?

4.              Mr Mason was paid £7  3s  1d in 1652/3 – for what?

5.              When the Feoffees met, they usually had dinner provided by Mr Sellars.
What else specifically did they have in 1654?  And what did the poor get?

6.              What disability did John Poynter have?

7.              Who was given money before they entered the Almshouse in 1657/58?

8.              What was Mr Briscoe paid 15s for in 1657/58?

9.              What item of equipment was installed in the town for the benefit of
the poor?

10.          There was an outbreak of which disease in 1657?


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