Unconsidered Trifles - Sundials, Scrapers & Knockers

Sundial in High Street

Sundial in High Street


People have always needed to know the time and sundials were used long before there were any clocks.  Even when clocks and watches had been invented, sundials were still made.  In the past clocks and watches were very expensive and not many people could afford them so sundials were put up on houses in the street so that everyone who went by could tell the time. Campden High Street has seven sundials and there used to be at least one more.  It is unusual for a town of this size to have so many sundials.   more…

Boot Scrapers

Door Knockers and Bells

Name Plaques

Stone carving of the Noel Arms on The Assembly Room

The Noel Arms on The Assembly Room

Signs and Miscellaneous

Campden has quite a lot of quirky signs and ‘street furniture’

Look at more photographs and see how many items you can still see around the town.

Griggs designed sign

Griggs designed sign

Bantam Tea Room sign, sadly no longer there.

Bantam Tea Room sign, sadly no longer there.

The ornate wrought-iron shop signs were designed by F L Griggs and probably made at the Guild of Handicraft.  Sadly, some of the original signs have now been taken down.

The Answers!

map of answers to the Treasures Trail


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