Window glass

Mary Fielding

We found masses of fragments of thin window glass during the digs, which prompted questions about where it was made and whether the panes would have been square or diamond shaped.

While washing and examining the shards we noticed that a number of fragments seemed not only to have straight edges, but also curved edges.  Certainly the consensus was that many panes were diamond shaped from the angles, but were others really cut to intricate shapes or was it a trick of the eye?


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  • Mary — I admire your industry and wish you a successful undertaking!

    By Heather Cole (05/03/2020)
  • The research is excellent, and the great UCLA find must have been heartwarming. I got here b/c of an interest in the Woodroffe windows in St. C(K)atherine’s; finding your patterned glass story was a huge bonus!

    By Heather Cole (04/03/2020)
  • Many thanks Heather. Yes, the Gidde book was an amazing find. I’m particularly interested in this as I have started doing stained glass work myself and can’t understand how they managed the tight curves on such small pieces of glass! MF

    By Mary Fielding (05/03/2020)

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