“Signpost” is published twice yearly, Spring and Autumn, and copy dates are end January and end July.  Anyone may submit an article about their researches on Campden & District's history and past life.  Send to  CCHS members receive a free copy of 'Signpost' on publication.

To search for a subject, name or place, please use the 'Search the site' box in the top right hand corner of the website.  Bear in mind that names of people or places may have various spellings, e.g. Hicks can also be spelled Hickes; Smith, Smythe, Smyth, etc.

'Signpost' is named after Izod's Post at the junction of Westington Hill and the top road.  It seems an appropriate title for a journal which is 'showing the way' to our history through our research.

Page link: Signpost Issue No. 1
Signpost Issue No. 1
Autumn 2014
Page link: Signpost Issue No. 2
Signpost Issue No. 2
Spring 2015
Page link: Signpost Issue No. 3
Signpost Issue No. 3
Autumn 2015
Page link: Signpost Issue No. 4
Signpost Issue No. 4
Spring 2016
Page link: Signpost No. 5
Signpost No. 5
Autumn 2016